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Adam Younger Design

- To provide the very best in powercraft design, to offer design services covering a wide range of craft of up to 30 metres in length and various aspects of development of those craft.
- We aim to produce original, innovative and exciting craft, craft that break new ground or craft that draw on sound experience and proven background where necessary.
- We design craft to perform! Then it is important to define performance as the characteristics relevant to each craft’s mode of operation – so characteristics of performance can include speed, efficiency, handling, styling and importantly sales.
- We design using the latest in technology and constantly look to embrace new processes and concepts whilst developing our own services and also the methods by which our work is carried out and created.
- AYD is committed to extensive research in powercraft design and is in a unique position to offer a combination of theory, practicality and application.
- We constantly develop new concepts from components to models to full craft – we test and develop our theories, we compete with craft we have designed – and this all leads to a better design service and product.

We very much work with our clients to build a special bond, to build and create special craft, to offer the best solutions – to thus give the best business solution. Every new design and task is an opportunity!

I very much hope you will consider AYD and the advantages we can offer as your technical partner in the design and development of your craft and projects. Please see a summation of our services below. Also further details of our work in the different areas of powercraft design can be seen on the separate category pages

Adam Younger

Design services include the following:
- Hull design and development
- 2D and 3D CAD design and modelling
- Naval Architecture
- Classification and regulations work
- Hydrodynamic development and testing
- Stepped hull design
- Aerodynamic development and testing
- Monohull and multihull design
- Conceptual and styling design
- Structural design
- Design & draughting for production
- Prototype production
- Interior design
- Conceptual design

Please contact us for further details of these services or how we can provide the services to suit your requirements.