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Commercial Craft

Covering craft for many different roles and areas of the World we have much experience in the commercial market and indeed Adam’s working career commenced working for well know boat builders such as Souter Shipyard and FBM Marine. Work for this sector has always been an important part of AYD and since being formed in 1989 the company has worked on craft for markets such as patrol boats, passenger vessels, customs craft, oil pollution control craft, fishing vessels, lifeboats through to amphibious vehicles. This work has covered detail design of certain aspects of craft through to modifications of existing craft to full design of specialised boats.

Following the 'design to perform’ philosophy there are often clearly defined requirements but still the opportunities to develop new ideas and create designs ahead of the competition. This often has to be considered in conjunction with authority requirements and rules and this is an area where we have expertise in.

We have been involved in developing many aspects of design, seeing features such as hull steps and double chines being developed and optimised for working boats. Also there have been the opportunities to see multihull and RIB craft being applied to the commercial markets. Other interesting developments ranges from crew comfort to build processes to power / drive system advances to efficiency and cost of operation.

We also see many opportunities for further developments in custom tenders, in terms of hull design, styling and performance and creating very special craft.

We also see many opportunities in higher efficiency hull forms, longer ranges, more adaptable craft / interchangeable arrangements. Also to make the use of new materials and processes to improve build and operation of craft.