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Leisure Craft

Covering a whole spectrum of craft from small run-abouts to large motor yachts, custom built one-off craft to production based boats.

Our overall theme of designing craft to perform is very much true and projects normally commence on deciding which areas of performance are relevant and are to be developed. Which areas of the design where we can make a real difference to create a special design and thus lead to a successful craft and a craft that sells! Work can vary from investigating certain aspects of a craft or it’s design through to a complete design and over-seeing of build. Through all our work it is important to consider the final goals and as such we offer an on-going service to help with marketing and sales.

In terms of craft AYD has been involved in the design of many types of leisure craft including motor yachts - planing and displacement, offshore powerboats, sportsboats, RIBs and smaller personal watercraft. All offering different opportunities and requirements.

We have developed particular features of hull design to various craft ranging from our 'tapered step’ system to modified spray rails – but combining with other features and characteristics such as structures, weights, range and power. These are examples of where our work has progressed though competition craft but then is adapted and modified for use in the leisure markets as these craft have different operating modes. Work may also involve styling and concepts and again this represents many opportunities to look into and also create new trends.

The leisure RIB market has been of particular relevance to AYD, an area where we have worked extensively, both in the UK and globally.

Currently work has been largely directed at improving speed and improving handling. Increasingly so we work on step design although this is by no means the only avenue to explore in performance craft. We also see more development and research into high efficiency hull forms, alternative powering and new build processes. We feel particularly excited at the potential for really increasing efficiency of the typical motor yacht and feel this is very relevant to the World we live in.