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Technohull 12m RIB

Dated: 17/08/2009

We can now announce that the new 12m triple step hull design RIB is for our long time partners Technohull. The new boat is particularly exciting and whilst using some features of the very successful 999 and 888 models it also has many new features that we believe will take the perormance and handling for such craft to an new level. Design work is underway and many areas of performance and styling are being explored.

This also re-inforces the combination of Technohull and AYD in the Greek market and extends our exclusive agreement to only design stepped hull RIBs upto 12m in Greece for Technohull.

Elsewhere design work is progressing on the 10m triple step sportsboat - with manufacture about to commence. We also have a 12m commercial RIB with stepped hull being designed for build in China